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It’s been a bit since my last update, so figured I’d go ahead and make a post to share what’s been going on. We’ve had the Fourth of July, a few dance parties, dinners, and a Phantogram concert since our last meeting, my friend. All of them have been top notch and I owe that to my companion, best friend, and partner in crime; Erica.

I had the privilege of having Erica and her two little ones join my family and I at my Nana’s home for the Fourth. Ton’s of good food, drink, and family conversations. It was the first time that Erica and the kids were meeting most of my family so it was a very memorable day!

We had fun showing Ashton and Chloe around the house, the yard, and of course my Nana’s horses. It was truly one of my favorite Fourth’s that I have ever experienced. There weren’t any fireworks because it was a tad too early in the evening when we were making our departure, but we did get some sparklers, and who doesn’t love sparklers?!

Shortly after the Fourth, I got to go and meet Erica’s mom. She lives a bit from us, so it was an overnight trip which was pretty cool. Erica and I went over to BDub’s shortly after arriving and had a few drinks while we waited for our to-go meals to be ready. Just sitting there chatting about anything and everything while watching the Orioles play was definitely one of the highlights of the evening. Once we got back, the kids and her played Twister while her mother and I laughed and cheered them on. After everyone was asleep, we enjoyed The Fifth Element (which I had never seen) before calling it a night. The next morning the kids wanted nothing more than to go swimming before we got back on the road and headed towards home, so they got to enjoy that for a good while!

We made it back in time that night to go to one of the Jefferson Theater’s Dance parties with Jonathan. We always enjoy stopping by and hanging out at his salon before heading downtown. He’s such a good dude! We went down and danced the night away. Once we got tired and were ready to retire for the evening, we went back to the salon for a bit and this was taken.

The following week was Erica’s business trip and time for the kids to go and be with their Dad for the remainder of the summer. Utah is pretty far away and it was really weird not seeing them every day, however, I was grateful to receive updates and pictures almost constantly from them while they were there. Most of the pictures with the kids were them at the pool (those kids love water, don’t they?) but what else is there to do when you go to an awesome hotel resort?

After what seemed like an eternity, Erica made her trip back home. We got to hang out all week and do tons of fun and crazy stuff! She found out that her friend Luci was the voice of Mercy from Overwatch which is one of my favorite games! I was super stoked! We went on a fun hiking trip, the downtown mall, and of course the Phantogram concert! Tons of awesome adventures in such a short amount of time, I know, and I cannot wait to go on many more with her! Sadly, Erica is gone again visiting friends in another state as well as another country so I’m here writing this blog post reminiscing and waiting to have her here with me again.

I swear I didn’t eat her face off, even though it’s really sweet!

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