So do we like shake hands or something? – Meeting my future

It’s a haunting feeling when out of no where you start to feel the aura around you change. That’s been happening to me recently in the most positive of ways that I could’ve ever hoped for in my entire life. I’m usually not one to brag and boast about how well things are going in my life, in fact it’s usually been the exact opposite. However, with the new addition(s) to my life, I want to share all of them with the world because I feel genuinely elated.

Meet Erica, the reason for my happiness.  She’s an engineering professor with an absolute heart of gold. She has shown me that life is worth living and not just something we drag ourselves through in constant turmoil to get to the end. She’s beautiful, smart, and the best mother to two awesome children. I could not imagine my life being like this just a few months back and I’m not sure how I could ever go back to the way I was living without her or her children. Feeling her love for me and just knowing that no matter what I do she’s got my back a hundred times over is simply amazing. I feel like she would instantly take a bullet for me already, and I know that I would for her. I may have fallen extremely quick and people may not understand it fully, but I wouldn’t trade the nights with minimal sleep, running all over Hell’s half-acre, or the constant state of nervousness when meeting her friends for anything. She’s becoming my world very rapidly and I’m absolutely fine with that.

In the past few weeks we have already planned out some crazy plans to go to New York, Busch Gardens, and she’s even taking me (RIGHT?! She‘s taking me!) to an Oriole’s game all within the next few months! I have truly found the person who I know I want to spend the rest of my life with. Not just because she wants to go places and take me with her, but because she truly wants to make memories and have adventures together. Money is cool, but you can always get more. Erica giving up her time to be with me means immensely more because she will never get that back, ever. 

Just waiting to see her everyday has been a challenge because we click extremely well. For example, we were talking about IoT (internet of things) and just geeking about how cool things are, the logistics of the entire thing, and our concerns about them. Guess what, they all matched save one or two minor things. Music and movies creep me out how similar we are. We are both horror movie fans, love punk/emo music, and finish each other’s movie/lyrical quotes. One other thing that kind of makes this perfect is how well we fit physically together, I mean just look at this picture! We both wore plaid like a bunch of nerds because that’s what we are, nerds.

Not wanting to end this post but I’m starting to worry that Arabian princes, doctors that could kill me without me knowing it, and crazy owners of companies will start decending upon me if I fail to do so. Plus, I’m sure those that have read this far have thrown up or gagged from the cuteness overload at least twice. All I can tell everyone is that I truly love Erica and I feel that she truly loves me. She and I work crazy well together, finish each other’s thoughts, and know how the other feels about situations before we even discuss them. If that’s not perfect love in your late twenties/early thirties, I’m not sure what is. She truly completes my life and I can’t wait to see where our road takes us in this world. I love you more and more each day, Erica. I can’t wait to see what awaits us! Also, I kind of need that toe to walk….

Caleb Fultz

Late 20-something that enjoys trying to figure out this thing we were all thrown into called life. A modern man with classic morals and ideas. Decent writer, friend, and technology evangelist. INTP.



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