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I am an avid gamer. I enjoy all types of games and titles from the AAA titans down to indie dwarfs, I just love gaming. I also enjoy learning new things so I figured it was time for me to learn how to create my own games that I can share with the world. I’ve started the process using the Game Maker Studio engine to produce them quickly and partly because one of my favorite games was made with it; Hotline Miami.

I have always had stories in my head that I’ve wanted to turn into games or even into short novellas but have never attempted to do so. I feel like this may be the best route to share my ideas and stories to the world at large in an interactive and fun way! Games play a huge role in a lot of folks lives whether it is for leisure or for competition which has changed a lot over the years. Gaming used to be viewed as the ‘geeky’ thing to do and only pimple covered, sweat smelling, greasy haired nerds would do. Nowadays, you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting someone who has played a video game on some level.

Gaming culture has changed a lot and it’s time for me to jump in. Currently, I have my “test” game hosted here on the website. It is a learning project that I started and is based on the classic Asteroids title from yesteryear. Check it out by clicking right here! Sadly, this isn’t ready for mobile playing, so you’ll have to try it from a computer. The controls are W,A,D or the left, up, and right area keys to move and the space bar to fire at the asteroids. It will be updated soon with scoring, lives, and power ups. Hope you enjoy and will check out my new games as they become available!

Caleb Fultz

Late 20-something that enjoys trying to figure out this thing we were all thrown into called life. A modern man with classic morals and ideas. Decent writer, friend, and technology evangelist. INTP.



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