Living (A Year in Review)

Many of you may have seen my website go through it’s many iterations over the years. Mostly it has been a blog that I work on for a few months, get bored, then let it sit before realizing I haven’t posted anything for months. As you probably noticed there isn’t a lot of content here, and that’s part of my second annual problem of nuking the site and starting fresh. This post is more of an overview of things that I have learned through out the past year as I’ve loved, lived, and grown into who I am today. It may be a bit boring for some, informative to others, but I feel this is the best way to start off this iteration of

Last year at this time, I and my long time on-and-off girlfriend were living together in my home. This wasn’t broadcasted knowledge to the world but I feel as if this was common knowledge to most of the folks in our lives at the time. Needless to say shortly towards the beginning of April we parted ways for good. I finally had the chance to put the roller coaster of a relationship to rest on my terms after a falling out over things that I will not discuss here.

Being single again was rough at first(as it usually is). Of course I tried the “modern” dating outlets such as Tinder, PoF, Bumble, etc. only to find that I had insane standards and subpar looks. I started lowering my standards to the point that I would hit my swipe limit in a matter of minutes just because I felt the need for a companion regardless of their resume. This lead to a few quick failed relationships that I can say were enlightening at best.

Between all of that craziness, I had just taken on a new pup into my home. He’s probably the sweetest yet most timid Labrador mix you’ll ever meet. Cleaning up his messes and watching him grow made me realize that parenting, regardless of the creature, was a new found hobby/enjoyment of mine. It truly does wonders for ones self mental image having another life force genuinely excited to see you come in the door after being at work/gone all day. It gave me a sense of purpose that I hadn’t felt in forever.

A new job has also been taking up most of the other aspects of my life. It’s pretty much the most boring thing a human could possibly imagine but it’s alright I suppose. The people are really neat and I have made a fair number of relationships/friendships that I hope to carry long into the future.

Speaking of friendships, Counter-Strike has become a huge part of my life once again. I used to play it to pass the time, cure the boredom, or just because I had nothing else going on. Now I play CS:GO because some of the best people I have ever met are on there waiting and willing to play because they genuinely like me for my personality and character. The core group of friends changes a lot in video games, but I hope to keep these folks around for years to come.


Winters are usually hard on me because the cold makes me feel dead and horribly depressed, however, Mother Nature has smiled upon us this year with a glorious 55 to 70 degree daily outlook. It keeps me excited and ready to face the day.


I can’t really say it’s been a horrible year. Have I learned a lot? Yes. I’ve learned that trying to put yourself last by putting your wants or imagined “needs” first is a quick and slippery slope to horrible things. I’ve learned that being myself, regardless of how I think others feel about me is the best approach to all things. It seems to have gained me a fair number of awesome and dependable people. Caring for others more than caring about yourself can lead to horrible negative things. Being there for someone can lead to amazing, caring, and genuine loving relationships. If I had to do this past year all over again, I wouldn’t want to change a thing.

Cat tax.

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