Updates on Life – System Upgrade!

It’s been a bit since my last update, so figured I’d go ahead and make a post to share what’s been going on. We’ve had the Fourth of July, a few dance parties, dinners, and a Phantogram concert since our last meeting, my friend. All of them have been top notch and I owe that

Game Development

I am an avid gamer. I enjoy all types of games and titles from the AAA titans down to indie dwarfs, I just love gaming. I also enjoy learning new things so I figured it was time for me to learn how to create my own games that I can share with the world. I’ve

Living (A Year in Review)

Many of you may have seen my website go through it’s many iterations over the years. Mostly it has been a blog that I work on for a few months, get bored, then let it sit before realizing I haven’t posted anything for months. As you probably noticed there isn’t a lot of content here,



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