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FitBit and Linux. How To Sync Your Bit to the Web.

Fitbit Flex 580 100

Tonight, I purchased a FitBit to help with my new healthy life. A FitBit basically is a glorified pedometer that …

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Do you know Joe (Ledger)?

Joe Ledger

I usually won’t post more of a “personal” style of posts on this blog (I save that for my Tumblr), …

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Start your own Public BitTorrent Tracker using OpenTracker


Some of you adventurous types out there may want to build a BitTorrent tracker for the use of distributing large …

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How To: Install ‘Killing Floor’ Server on Ubuntu 12.04 Server

Killing Floor

There are plenty of guides out there to install a Killing Floor server, sadly, most of them are deprecated and …

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How to: Install ‘Counter Strike: Source’ Server on Ubuntu 12.04 Server

Counter Strike: Source

Counter Strike is the worlds favorite First Person Shooter and has been since November 2003. There have been several renditions, …

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